Performance Management

You’ve launched a product and planning to take it into main stream … but … can it handle the load of large number of users you’re expecting it to hit??

In today's world, success depends on whether a service is highly responsive and as well as reliable. As computer technology becomes more integrated with business, system outages can seriously impact the bottom line.

KCompute will help you view your IT resources holistically and can help in monitoring and management of the performance of various components of an application and your infrastructure.

Load testing during development and deployment ensures that potential problems in your application/website can be dealt with before they bring down your IT resources.

With component level monitoring, you can not only detect a system failure when it happens - continuous monitoring of your infrastructure enables you to discover problems long before they get serious and to take measures proactively.

From optimization point of view, the testing and analysis activities take a white-box approach, where the system is inspected and monitored "from the inside out" and from a variety of angles. Measurements are taken and analyzed, and as a result, appropriate tuning is applied and system is re-tested. Results can then be compared with baseline values and expected performance criteria.

Web Load Testing
  • Develop Performance Acceptance Criteria
  • Develop Baseline Benchmarks
  • Automate your Use-Cases/Tests
  • Setup Geographically separated load generators
  • Setup Virtual Concurrent Users
  • Configure Test Patterns
  • Execute and Report Results
Server Administration & Optimization
  • Application Server
  • Web/HTTP Server
  • Database Server
  • Load Balancer
  • LDAP Server