Trading and Brokerage

WinningTradeâ„¢ (WiT) is all about performance, reliability and safety. It gives you an online trading system, which allows the brokers and customers (in-house) to trade directly on the Stock Exchange. All trades entered by authorized users would be first sent to Pre-Trade Risk Management System for verification and then forwarded to ISE/LSE/KSE using their Order Management System (OMS) Gateway.

Risk Management for a Brokerage House comprises of planning and enforcing counter safety measures for losses on trades being required to be made by customers of the brokerage house. This system will examine each trade and verifies it using various filters prepared on the basis of this document, before it passes the trade to Clearing House i.e. KSE. These filters can only be applied to trades that are going to be passed through the integrated Gateway based Trading System.

The solution covers all major aspects of a Brokerage House ranging from Agent/End-User Trading to Risk Management to Billing and Accounting.

The integrated system covers the following business operations:

  • Customer Portfolio Management
  • Online Shares Trading
    • From Branch
    • From Web
    • From Mobile
  • Customer Risk Management
  • Customer Care
    • Trade Confirmations (via SMS)
    • Interactive Voice Response support
  • See live rates of the script(s) of your choice on your mobile device.
  • See market statistics live (KSE 30, KSE 100 & KSE All Shares).
  • See current Index, Volume, Change & Market status live.
  • All Regular Market Scripts are supported.
  • All Future Market Scripts are supported.
  • Buy and Sell Shares from your office, home and mobile device at your convenience.
  • Complete risk management support at the back end.
  • Research supported market tips.
  • Voice messages streamed directly on to your trading machine in real time with playback.
  • Personal portfolio calculator so you can see the net value of your portfolio at all times.
  • You can view all your account information (ledger, trade history etc.) at any time, from any location.