Simulator Development

For your complex, expensive or hazardous operational trainings, KCompute can help in maximizing productivity with optimum utilization of time in a rapid and uncomplicated fashion with Simulators. It deals with creation of simulations, which would take into account the actual environmental specification in order to entail the after effects.

KCompute Simulators has helped its customers in Testing and Training of Personnel on operations and equipments.

Industrial automation and simulation service is a complete solution for all trouble some industrial activities. It formulates a combination of hardware and software technology resulting in automation of activities, which every business wishes to automate.

This area possesses abilities to technologically advance business in the fields of:

  • Electronic Engineering
  • Process Control
  • Signal Processing
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Software Simulations of:
    • Devices
    • Parts
    • Defence Equipments
    • Projectiles
  • Defense
  • Railway Simulation
  • Project Management